April 4 Virtual Town Hall w/ Sen. Lakey

On April 4, Rep. Chaney hosted a Virtual Town Hall and had as a special guest Sen. Todd Lakey (R-Nampa). Sen. Lakey is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and sits on the Senate Taxation and Local Government Committee; Rep. Chaney is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and sits on the House Revenue and Taxation Committee. Therefore, the two have a lot of interaction … Continue reading April 4 Virtual Town Hall w/ Sen. Lakey

Holding Agencies Accountable

When unelected bureaucrats ignore the legislature and disregard statutes to do whatever they want irrespective of the law, the only mode of accountability left is through the budget setting process. For that reason, yesterday the House defeated the Idaho Tax Commission budget 21-48. As I told the House in debate, “this is a dangerous budget because it is a budget for an agency gone rogue” … Continue reading Holding Agencies Accountable

Statehouse Update 3-17-2019

Algorithm Bill Sails Through Senate Committee H118, Rep. Chaney’s “Minority Report” bill to mandate transparency in pretrial algorithms, passed the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee on Monday.  The bill is expected to receive a vote of the full Senate early next week.   Supporting A Better Referendum Process The Idaho House Republican Caucus supports SB 1159 concepts to expand voter involvement in the initiative and … Continue reading Statehouse Update 3-17-2019

Statehouse Update 2-22-19

Hearing Held on Chaney’s “Minority Report” Bill This week, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on H118–Chaney’s bill on bias and secrecy in computer-generated recommendations in criminal justice.  Chaney has equated the use of these tools to the plot of the 2002 movie “Minority Report.” The committee approved the bill to move to the full house, where it will receive a vote after an amendment … Continue reading Statehouse Update 2-22-19

Law Changes Back in Favor of the Little Guy

Rep. Chaney was the House sponsor of H554, a bill that restored the laws of accountability and responsibility for automobile accidents to its traditional status. In 2014, the legislature adopted a new law that allowed insurance companies in certain circumstances to refuse to pay for the damage and injuries caused to an accident victim–even if the victim did nothing to cause the crash herself.  In … Continue reading Law Changes Back in Favor of the Little Guy