Greg Chaney Wins Big (Idaho Press-Tribune)

“I enjoy making a positive impact on policies that affect real people. Every issue, no matter how benign or contentious, is about people — people with very real hopes, dreams, challenges, and opportunities.” By IDAHO PRESS- TRIBUNE STAFF CALDWELL — District 10 Representative B Republican incumbent Rep. Greg Chaney took the over Democratic challenger Warren Stevens with 67.49 percent of the vote. Chaney is … Continue reading Greg Chaney Wins Big (Idaho Press-Tribune)

Sen. Ted Cruz Endorses Greg Chaney

(CALDWELL, IDAHO) Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) lent his endorsement of Idaho State Representative Greg Chaney this week.  Chaney, who had supported Cruz when he won the Republican Presidential Primary Election in Idaho in March, was enthusiastic about the endorsement: “I have immense respect for Senator Cruz, and I’m honored for him to recognize me as a defender of the Constitution and our American way … Continue reading Sen. Ted Cruz Endorses Greg Chaney