Chaney’s Final Bills Scheduled for Hearing

The last two bills worked on and sponsored by Rep. Greg Chaney will be heard in the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee Monday, March 19, 2018.  In addition to co-sponsoring other bills on issues such as taxation, occupational licensing, and criminal justice reform, Rep. Chaney took the lead on four pieces of legislation during the 2018 legislative session: Legislation Number Title/Description Current Status HCR36 Designates … Continue reading Chaney’s Final Bills Scheduled for Hearing

Abortion Complications Reporting Act

Following the second day before the committee, Senate State Affairs passed H638, the Abortion Complications Reporting Act to the floor today on a vote of 7-2.  The bill is sponsored by Rep. Greg Chaney and Sen. Fred Martin and brought forward by Idaho Chooses Life.  If passed and signed into law the bill would set up a reporting system for doctors to report health complications arising … Continue reading Abortion Complications Reporting Act