The Right Kind of Republican

The Idaho Statesman editorial board endorsed Rep. Greg Chaney for re-election in early October.  After saying that Chaney has served “with distinction” as Chairman of the House Judiciary, Rules, & Administration Committee, the board went on to point out the need for Chaney to return to the legislature where he’d shown himself to be a leader in taking on extremists and calling out problems even in his own party. (Click here to read the full endorsement, Statesman subscription required).

The endorsement comes on the heels of several high-profile incidents where Chaney took on members of his own party for unreasonable positions and bad behavior including Ammon Bundy and his allies, Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, and extremist propagandist Greg Pruett.

Chaney has shown himself to be willing call out illogical arguments, petty gamesmanship, and bad behavior irrespective of political party and is in a unique position of being able to making it count.

Proud to be part of an incredible slate of District 10 legislative candidates:

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