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BILL INTRODUCED TO LIGHTEN PRESSURE ON CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM   (2/13/2018) - (Boise) Representative Greg Chaney (R-Caldwell) introduced a bill today in the House Judiciary, Rules, and Administration committee aimed at alleviating budget pressures for counties faced with jail crowding and struggles providing public defense.  The bill, which the committee agreed to move forward, would reduce certain misdemeanor driving offenses to infractions, eliminate mandatory jail time for driving on a suspended license, and allow low-income citizens a …
Idaho FFA awards honorary degrees (1/30/2018) - 1/29/2018 (Boise) — The Idaho FFA Association honored Rep. Greg Chaney (R-10) and Sen. Mark Harris (R-32) with honorary State FFA Degrees at their annual Idaho Co-op Council/FFA Cenarrusa Day Luncheon on Monday.  Chaney, a former state FFA officer, said he considered what he learned as an FFA member to have a greater impact on his ability to be an effective legislator than any other …
1/23/2018 Update (1/22/2018) -
Tax Cuts (1/16/2018) - Rep. Chaney (1/16/2017): “We heard a presentation today from the Idaho State Tax Commission on the effects of the Trump Tax Cuts on state taxation.  If we do nothing, the federal cuts would actually increase state taxes by nearly $120M.  Will be working with others on the tax committee to make sure that doesn’t happen.”
Tax Cut Clears Committee (1/15/2018) -