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Chaney on Property Tax (3/30/2020) - Rep. Chaney on the importance of reducing the amount of property tax collected and not just shifting it from one taxpayer to another
Chaney Named Chairman of House Judiciary (5/9/2019) - Speaker of the House Scott Bedke announced Rep. Greg Chaney has been appointed Chairman of the House Judiciary, Rules, and Administration Committee.  For more, check out the Idaho Press Tribune Article here.
Expedited Eviction Bill Falls (Idaho Press-Tribune) (3/5/2019) - “Greg Chaney, R-Caldwell, fiercely opposed the legislation because he viewed it as an affront to due process in the state.” On Monday, H138, the Expedited Eviction Bill failed to pass the House 34-36; click here for coverage by the Idaho Press Tribune.

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Updates and Newsletters
Thank you! (11/4/2020) - Greg and Sarah Chaney would like to say thank you for all the overwhelming support from District 10 voters in sending Greg back to the Idaho House of Representatives for two more years!
Important 2C Information for the November 2020 General Election (10/26/2020) - Absentee Voting If you’ve requested an absentee ballot, be sure it’s received by the Canyon County Elections Office no later than 8:00 p.m. on November 3, 2020. IMPORTANT: Postmarks don’t count as being “received” by the Elections Office.  Even if you mail your ballot before election day, the Elections Office may not receive it until AFTER it is no longer eligible to be counted! MAIL …
A Clear Vision during Uncertain Times (10/11/2020) - We’re facing difficult and unprecedented times. On top of the everyday challenges we face during the best of times, we must contend with COVID-19 concerns, economic instability, and a heightened level of vitriol and anger in public discourse. During difficult times, it’s important to have leaders who are strong enough to filter through the noise of our chaotic times and stay focused on vision for …

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