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Unemployment at Record Low (10/22/2017) - “Idaho’s record low unemployment is a sign that our business people and entrepreneurs are some of the best in the nation, and the state’s policies encourage a vibrant economic environment.” -Rep. Greg Chaney To read more, click here:
Chaney Presents Bill to Ban Sanctuary Cities in Idaho (1/30/2017) -   Date:  January 30, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Rep. Greg Chaney (208) 332-1055   CHANEY PITCHES BILL BANNING SANCTUARY CITIES IN IDAHO   (Boise) Representative Greg Chaney (R-Caldwell) introduced a bill today in the House State Affairs Committee aimed at protecting Idaho communities by prohibiting local policymakers and law enforcement from becoming “Sanctuary Cities” or counties.   Chaney pointed out that most immigrants were …
Greg Chaney Wins Big (Idaho Press-Tribune) (11/10/2016) - “I enjoy making a positive impact on policies that affect real people. Every issue, no matter how benign or contentious, is about people — people with very real hopes, dreams, challenges, and opportunities.” By IDAHO PRESS- TRIBUNE STAFF CALDWELL — District 10 Representative B Republican incumbent Rep. Greg Chaney took the over Democratic challenger Warren Stevens with 67.49 percent of the vote. Chaney is …

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2C visitors at the capitol (10/3/2017) - While at the statehouse this month, Rep. Chaney and Attorney General Wasden ran into a group touring the statehouse.
Greed and Environmental Politics (It’s not what you’ve been told) (6/5/2017) - The United States did the environment a favor by withdrawing from the Paris agreement.
Op-Ed: When Leaders Play Games It’s The People Who Lose (5/8/2017) - By Rep. Greg Chaney   When House leadership and the President discovered their first attempt to revise Obamacare was a lost cause, they quickly launched an attack on Republican Congressmen, including Idaho’s Raul Labrador, who had refused to go along with House leadership’s plan because it fell short of fulfilling the GOP’s 6-year promise to relieve Americans from Obamacare’s burdens. Congressional leadership could have accepted …

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