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Chaney on Property Tax (3/30/2020) - Rep. Chaney on the importance of reducing the amount of property tax collected and not just shifting it from one taxpayer to another
Chaney Named Chairman of House Judiciary (5/9/2019) - Speaker of the House Scott Bedke announced Rep. Greg Chaney has been appointed Chairman of the House Judiciary, Rules, and Administration Committee.  For more, check out the Idaho Press Tribune Article here.
Expedited Eviction Bill Falls (Idaho Press-Tribune) (3/5/2019) - “Greg Chaney, R-Caldwell, fiercely opposed the legislation because he viewed it as an affront to due process in the state.” On Monday, H138, the Expedited Eviction Bill failed to pass the House 34-36; click here for coverage by the Idaho Press Tribune.

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Judiciary Concludes by Recommending Special Session for Liability Reform (7/31/2020) - Thursday, July 30 the joint Judiciary Working Group–composed of the standing House and Senate Judiciary Committees–met via videoconference for more than three hours.  During the course of its meeting, the working group fulfilled the purpose for which it had been commissioned by approving suggested legislation and voting overwhelmingly to request that Governor Little calling a special session. The Working Group recommended legislation that would spell …
Chairman Chaney, Judiciary Committee Back at Work (7/29/2020) - As Chairman of the House Judiciary, Rules, & Administration committee, Rep. Chaney has been tasked with co-chairing the Judiciary Working Group to evaluate liability issues related to COVID-19.  The Working Group is comprised of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees and co-chaired by Chaney and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Todd Lakey. The Working Group is tasked with reviewing liability issues facing businesses and government entities–including …
Let’s Work Together to Reopen Idaho (5/8/2020) - By Greg Chaney Ronald Reagan once said: “We must have faith in the people of this country and faith in our principles.” Idahoans are certainty worthy of the faith of which Reagan spoke: tough, thoughtful, resilient, and patriotic, our admirable commitment to independence and self-sufficiency has given rise to an anxious enthusiasm to see all impediments removed that threaten our ability to stand on our …

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