2016 Legislation

Want to know what Greg has been working on in Boise?

Below is the list of legislation that Rep. Chaney worked on during the 2016 legislative session.


H0385*:  Allows widows of our veterans to continue honoring their heroes after their passing by relaxing the requirements for surviving spouses to display veteran’s license plates.

H0386*:  Cuts taxes by correcting a provision of Idaho Code that allowed the tax commission to charge sales tax on certain farm equipment that should be exempt.

H0387/H0512*:  Promotes community-responsive education by guaranteeing that community college trustees are elected from throughout the community college district.

H475: Increases investment in critical transportation infrastructure by removing sales tax on bid-projects for road projects.

H505/H555*: De-felonizes the practice of “sexting” and encourages victims of extortion-by-sext to come forward and seek help.

H542*: Increases transparency in campaigns by requiring the person or organization responsible for campaign advertising relating to precinct races to identify themselves.


*-Denotes that the bill became law


H0380:  Cuts income taxes for those making more than $5,000 per year in taxable income and increases the grocery tax credit for those making less than that; thereby granting tax relief from the highest to the lowest tax brackets.

H516*: Requires providers of abortions to notify women of places where free ultrasounds may be obtained prior to performing an abortion.

H491*: Removes the ability of a person to assess a lien against real property without a judicial proceeding.

S1307: Moves election of school board trustees to the even-year general election.

S1308:  Allows all electors to vote for all trustees in a district, regardless of the zone from which the trustee is elected.

H477*: Provides scholarships to students who have completed dual-credit courses in high school provided they attend an institution in Idaho.  Funded through public/private partnerships.

HCR28*: recognizes the commitment, sacrifice and courage our military families consistently demonstrate through appropriate public events, ceremonies, patriotic activities in our communities and private prayers, and recognizing 2016 throughout the State of Idaho as the Year of Idaho Military Families.

S1349/S1404*: Prohibits the sale of fetal tissue and organs for any reason following an abortion.

H554*: Provides for firefighters who develop fire-service-related forms of cancer by creating a rebuttable presumption that the cancer was an employment-related illness making workman’s compensation available.

S1386: Outlaws the use of “dismemberment” abortions where the baby is dismembered in the womb before being removed from the mother.

S1389*: Allows law abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons without submitting to a permitting process.


*-Denotes that the bill became law