2015 Legislation

Want to know what Greg has been working on in Boise?

Below is the list of legislation that Rep. Chaney worked on during the 2015 legislative session.


*H0029: Expanded a tax exemption to allow businesses to claim exemption for each county in which they operate.

*H0039: Eliminated sales tax on hand tools.

*H0058: Reduced the regulatory burden on runoff to allow for greater flexibility in meeting environmental standards.

H0095: Floor sponsor for bill that would reduce the amount of transportation money diverted to the General Fund through the imposition of sales tax.

*H0112: Removed the ability of big money PACs to influence elections anonymously.

H0260: Bill would have reduced the long-term burden of transportation funding using General Fund growth instead of tax increases.


*-Denotes that the bill became law


H0083: Established a private/public partnership for scholarships for students that complete dual-credit courses in high school.

H0088: Outlawed chemical abortions via tele-medicine.

*H0113: Acknowledged that the parents, not the State, are the primary decision-makers for their children.

H311: Sought to eliminate the sales tax on groceries and reduce personal income tax rates.

S1085: Sought to repeal Common Core


*-Denotes that the bill became law