Chairman Chaney, Judiciary Committee Back at Work

As Chairman of the House Judiciary, Rules, & Administration committee, Rep. Chaney has been tasked with co-chairing the Judiciary Working Group to evaluate liability issues related to COVID-19.  The Working Group is comprised of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees and co-chaired by Chaney and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Todd Lakey. The Working Group is tasked with reviewing liability issues facing businesses and government entities–including … Continue reading Chairman Chaney, Judiciary Committee Back at Work

Let’s Work Together to Reopen Idaho

By Greg Chaney Ronald Reagan once said: “We must have faith in the people of this country and faith in our principles.” Idahoans are certainty worthy of the faith of which Reagan spoke: tough, thoughtful, resilient, and patriotic, our admirable commitment to independence and self-sufficiency has given rise to an anxious enthusiasm to see all impediments removed that threaten our ability to stand on our … Continue reading Let’s Work Together to Reopen Idaho

Chaney Condemns Targeting Law Enforcement Families

In a Facebook Live broadcast, Rep. Chaney condemned what he considers to be insincere, opportunistic agitators and protesters who took their disapproval of COVID-19 restrictions to the extreme by protesting a Meridian Police Officer’s home. Chaney also condemned Lt. Governor McGeachin for acts and omission on her part that encourage continued unrest.  Both the Idaho Press-Tribune and Idaho Statesman expressed their support for Chaney’s message. Continue reading Chaney Condemns Targeting Law Enforcement Families

Holding Agencies Accountable

When unelected bureaucrats ignore the legislature and disregard statutes to do whatever they want irrespective of the law, the only mode of accountability left is through the budget setting process. For that reason, yesterday the House defeated the Idaho Tax Commission budget 21-48. As I told the House in debate, “this is a dangerous budget because it is a budget for an agency gone rogue” … Continue reading Holding Agencies Accountable

Statehouse Update 3/29/2019

Chaney’s “First in the Nation” Algorithm Bill is Signed by Governor On Friday, Governor Brad Little signed into law H118, making Idaho the first state in the nation to push back against secretive “black box” computerized sentencing and pretrial decision-making. Click here for more.  Updating The Referendum Process Addressing the concerns of some Idahoans about Senate Bill 1159, we introduced House Bill 296 in the House Ways … Continue reading Statehouse Update 3/29/2019

Statehouse Update 3-22-2019

Senate Unanimously Approves Chaney’s Algorithm Bill On Monday, the Senate approved H118 33-0 (with 2 absent). Special thanks to Sen. Patti Ann Lodge for carrying the bill on the Senate floor. The bill will receive one more vote in the House early next week (due to some minor, technical Senate amendments).  The House already approved the bill 66-2 earlier this month. Saving Tax Dollars On … Continue reading Statehouse Update 3-22-2019

Statehouse Update 3-17-2019

Algorithm Bill Sails Through Senate Committee H118, Rep. Chaney’s “Minority Report” bill to mandate transparency in pretrial algorithms, passed the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee on Monday.  The bill is expected to receive a vote of the full Senate early next week.   Supporting A Better Referendum Process The Idaho House Republican Caucus supports SB 1159 concepts to expand voter involvement in the initiative and … Continue reading Statehouse Update 3-17-2019

Statehouse Update 3-9-2019

“Minority Report” Bill Advances H118, Rep. Chaney’s “Minority Report” bill to ensure transparency in computer-generated criminal justice decisions, passed the house 66-2 on Monday, March 4, 2019.  For more on the bill, click here:   An Idaho Medicaid Solution Caucus-members helped jump start the discussion on Medicaid expansion this morning to discuss House Bill 249 in a packed Lincoln Auditorium. Originally introduced on Wednesday, this legislation … Continue reading Statehouse Update 3-9-2019

Statehouse Update 3-1-19

Idaho Council on Federal Lands New legislation would create a legislative council to help Idaho deal with federal lands issues. The Idaho Council on Federal Lands would be comprised of four members from the House and four from the Senate. “The Federal Government manages 63% of the land in our beautiful state, so the creation of this committee is well past due,” said co-sponsor Rep. … Continue reading Statehouse Update 3-1-19