Statehouse Update 3-17-2019

Algorithm Bill Sails Through Senate Committee H118, Rep. Chaney’s “Minority Report” bill to mandate transparency in pretrial algorithms, passed the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee on Monday.  The bill is expected to receive a vote of the full Senate early next week.   Supporting A Better Referendum Process The Idaho House Republican Caucus supports SB 1159 concepts to expand voter involvement in the initiative and … Continue reading Statehouse Update 3-17-2019

Statehouse Update 3-9-2019

“Minority Report” Bill Advances H118, Rep. Chaney’s “Minority Report” bill to ensure transparency in computer-generated criminal justice decisions, passed the house 66-2 on Monday, March 4, 2019.  For more on the bill, click here:   An Idaho Medicaid Solution Caucus-members helped jump start the discussion on Medicaid expansion this morning to discuss House Bill 249 in a packed Lincoln Auditorium. Originally introduced on Wednesday, this legislation … Continue reading Statehouse Update 3-9-2019

Statehouse Update 3-1-19

Idaho Council on Federal Lands New legislation would create a legislative council to help Idaho deal with federal lands issues. The Idaho Council on Federal Lands would be comprised of four members from the House and four from the Senate. “The Federal Government manages 63% of the land in our beautiful state, so the creation of this committee is well past due,” said co-sponsor Rep. … Continue reading Statehouse Update 3-1-19

Statehouse Update 2-22-19

Hearing Held on Chaney’s “Minority Report” Bill This week, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on H118–Chaney’s bill on bias and secrecy in computer-generated recommendations in criminal justice.  Chaney has equated the use of these tools to the plot of the 2002 movie “Minority Report.” The committee approved the bill to move to the full house, where it will receive a vote after an amendment … Continue reading Statehouse Update 2-22-19

Computerized Discrimination In Criminal Justice

IDAHO MUST ELIMINATE COMPUTERIZED DISCRIMINATION IN ITS CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM BY: REP. GREG CHANEY (R-Caldwell) The most sacred responsibility of any lawmaker is to ensure that we protect the people we serve. That means everybody, not just certain select groups. Unfortunately, when it comes to criminal justice in Idaho, existing practices in the state threaten the very concept of fairness guaranteed to all of its … Continue reading Computerized Discrimination In Criminal Justice

Chaney in New Orleans

I had the opportunity this past week to travel to New Orleans to a meeting of state legislators from around the country. It’s great to be able to share about Idaho’s successes in the past year. On Wednesday morning I addressed a breakfast sponsored by the Americans United for Life and the Susan B. Anthony List. They invited me to come speak about H638, Idaho’s … Continue reading Chaney in New Orleans