Our Shared Community; Our Shared Legacy

“Whether you’ve been part of our community for 5 months or 5 generations, your presence here adds to the legacy we pass on to future generations of Canyon County residents.” If you’re new to the area, let me say welcome! You’re following a generations-long tradition of those who have moved here for a better life. If you or your family have been here a while, … Continue reading Our Shared Community; Our Shared Legacy

Judiciary Concludes by Recommending Special Session for Liability Reform

Thursday, July 30 the joint Judiciary Working Group–composed of the standing House and Senate Judiciary Committees–met via videoconference for more than three hours.  During the course of its meeting, the working group fulfilled the purpose for which it had been commissioned by approving suggested legislation and voting overwhelmingly to request that Governor Little calling a special session. The Working Group recommended legislation that would spell … Continue reading Judiciary Concludes by Recommending Special Session for Liability Reform

Chairman Chaney, Judiciary Committee Back at Work

As Chairman of the House Judiciary, Rules, & Administration committee, Rep. Chaney has been tasked with co-chairing the Judiciary Working Group to evaluate liability issues related to COVID-19.  The Working Group is comprised of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees and co-chaired by Chaney and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Todd Lakey. The Working Group is tasked with reviewing liability issues facing businesses and government entities–including … Continue reading Chairman Chaney, Judiciary Committee Back at Work

Holding Agencies Accountable

When unelected bureaucrats ignore the legislature and disregard statutes to do whatever they want irrespective of the law, the only mode of accountability left is through the budget setting process. For that reason, yesterday the House defeated the Idaho Tax Commission budget 21-48. As I told the House in debate, “this is a dangerous budget because it is a budget for an agency gone rogue” … Continue reading Holding Agencies Accountable

Computerized Discrimination In Criminal Justice

IDAHO MUST ELIMINATE COMPUTERIZED DISCRIMINATION IN ITS CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM BY: REP. GREG CHANEY (R-Caldwell) The most sacred responsibility of any lawmaker is to ensure that we protect the people we serve. That means everybody, not just certain select groups. Unfortunately, when it comes to criminal justice in Idaho, existing practices in the state threaten the very concept of fairness guaranteed to all of its … Continue reading Computerized Discrimination In Criminal Justice

Chaney in New Orleans

I had the opportunity this past week to travel to New Orleans to a meeting of state legislators from around the country. It’s great to be able to share about Idaho’s successes in the past year. On Wednesday morning I addressed a breakfast sponsored by the Americans United for Life and the Susan B. Anthony List. They invited me to come speak about H638, Idaho’s … Continue reading Chaney in New Orleans

DIPG Awareness Day-May 17

  Yesterday was DIPG Awareness day in Idaho and 30 other states. During the last legislative session, I had the privilege of being introduced to an amazing family who told me about Beckham-a strong, courageous young man fighting this rare brain tumor.  I got to hear Beckham’s story while helping pass a legislative resolution designating DIPG Awareness day in Idaho. Yesterday, I finally got to … Continue reading DIPG Awareness Day-May 17