Computerized Discrimination In Criminal Justice

IDAHO MUST ELIMINATE COMPUTERIZED DISCRIMINATION IN ITS CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM BY: REP. GREG CHANEY (R-Caldwell) The most sacred responsibility of any lawmaker is to ensure that we protect the people we serve. That means everybody, not just certain select groups. Unfortunately, when it comes to criminal justice in Idaho, existing practices in the state threaten the very concept of fairness guaranteed to all of its … Continue reading Computerized Discrimination In Criminal Justice

Chaney in New Orleans

I had the opportunity this past week to travel to New Orleans to a meeting of state legislators from around the country. It’s great to be able to share about Idaho’s successes in the past year. On Wednesday morning I addressed a breakfast sponsored by the Americans United for Life and the Susan B. Anthony List. They invited me to come speak about H638, Idaho’s … Continue reading Chaney in New Orleans

DIPG Awareness Day-May 17

  Yesterday was DIPG Awareness day in Idaho and 30 other states. During the last legislative session, I had the privilege of being introduced to an amazing family who told me about Beckham-a strong, courageous young man fighting this rare brain tumor.  I got to hear Beckham’s story while helping pass a legislative resolution designating DIPG Awareness day in Idaho. Yesterday, I finally got to … Continue reading DIPG Awareness Day-May 17

Law Changes Back in Favor of the Little Guy

Rep. Chaney was the House sponsor of H554, a bill that restored the laws of accountability and responsibility for automobile accidents to its traditional status. In 2014, the legislature adopted a new law that allowed insurance companies in certain circumstances to refuse to pay for the damage and injuries caused to an accident victim–even if the victim did nothing to cause the crash herself.  In … Continue reading Law Changes Back in Favor of the Little Guy

UPDATED: Gov. Otter Signs Bill Aimed at Lightening Pressure on Criminal Justice System  

UPDATE: On Tuesday, March 27, 2018 Gov. Otter signed into law H599. The bill’s changes will become effective on July 1, 2018. Key provisions of the bill: Driving on an expired license, which is currently a misdemeanor, would be an infraction on the first and second offense. Driving on a license that had been suspended due to non-payment of fines or status offenses like minor … Continue reading UPDATED: Gov. Otter Signs Bill Aimed at Lightening Pressure on Criminal Justice System