Chaney Honored by Fraternal Order of Police With “Law & Order” Award

On Tuesday, The Idaho Fraternal Order of Police recognized Rep. Chaney with their Law and Order Award for his record in the legislature of supporting law enforcement and policies that uphold the rule of law.

“The Idaho FOP is deeply humbled at the opportunity to work with such dedicated individuals like [Greg Chaney]. [His] continued hard work making Idaho a safe place to live and raise families and ensuring Law and Order policies hold strong why we recognize [him] today.”

Bryan Lovell – President, Idaho Fraternal Order of Police

“Safe streets are essential to our quality of life in Idaho,” Chaney said, “We owe our economic and cultural security to the phenomenal job being done by Idaho law enforcement to keep crime low.”

The Idaho FOP represents Law Enforcement Professionals at the City, County, and Federal level across the state, from rank and file to the administrative level. They work together for the betterment of their profession knowing it directly relates to safer communities, and safer more efficient ways to do their job. Their members are grateful to elected officials and community members who support us in that mission.

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