A Clear Vision during Uncertain Times

We’re facing difficult and unprecedented times. On top of the everyday challenges we face during the best of times, we must contend with COVID-19 concerns, economic instability, and a heightened level of vitriol and anger in public discourse.

During difficult times, it’s important to have leaders who are strong enough to filter through the noise of our chaotic times and stay focused on vision for the future that prioritizes what’s truly important:


Education policies that ensure a bright tomorrow for our kids

Cute little pupils raising hands during lesson in classroom

It’s more than just a cliche that “our children are our future.” The Idaho our children inherit tomorrow depends on making smart policy decisions on education today.  Not only do we need to provide the instruction  our children need, we need to equip them for the careers of tomorrow-and ensure that those careers are available for them here in the Gem State when they graduate.

Our children are each unique with special gifts, talents, and abilities.  Our education system needs to acknowledge that uniqueness and offer the kinds of options for our children need to grow and develop into their best selves.

Public Safety

A steady hand on law & justice issues at an unsettled time

Faceless man in hood on the rooftop

Civil unrest, pandemic-related unemployment  and stress, and rampant uncertainty mark the times in which we’re living.  The whole world feels unsettled and chaotic.

As Chairman of the House Judiciary, Rules, & Administration Committee, Chaney knows that the safety of your person, family, and property is essential to protect your ability to enjoy your freedoms as an American. Chaney has consistently supported our men and women of law enforcement and the need for safe streets while also working to reform certain heavy-handed or outdated policies that keep people from moving past a mistake and reforming their lives.

Defeating a Pandemic/Restoring Prosperity

We can do both: re-open the economy and protect public health

attractive proprietors standing with signboard open

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a challenge of a generation. Uncertainty and confusion surrounding the best response and reactions to shutdowns and distancing measures soon caused public discourse on the issue to become overly heated. Sadly, the issue became overly-polarized and oversimplified into a dichotomy of  those who were pro-response and those who were pro-economy.

Senior woman in face mask. Virus outbreak.We can keep our nation’s-best economic recovery moving and avoid catastrophic economic hardships for our friends and neighbors while still taking the precautions necessary to protect one another from the medical consequences of the pandemic. In fact, taking reasonable precautions to protect against COVID-19 transmission until a vaccine can be developed is the one of the most economically-friendly things we can do.

Finding Solutions To Property Tax Issues

Push back against unfair property tax increases

Man and woman reading contract for real estate property purchase

We value our police, fire, and emergency services.  We also value our schools, highways, and other essential services that contribute to our quality of life.  Property taxes provide for those services.  However, skyrocketing property tax bills have created hardships for working families and seniors alike.

Businessperson placing house model over tax word blocks

The problem is complex, and increased   spending is only part of the cause.  Shifts   between classifications of property is another   substantial part of the problem.  The issue   demands a comprehensive, complete approach to address the issue.  As a senior member of the influential House Revenue & Taxation Committee, Greg Chaney is in the middle of the fight to make sure you don’t pay more than your fair share.

Proud to be part of an incredible slate of District 10 legislative candidates:

3 candidates g

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