Chairman Chaney, Judiciary Committee Back at Work

As Chairman of the House Judiciary, Rules, & Administration committee, Rep. Chaney has been tasked with co-chairing the Judiciary Working Group to evaluate liability issues related to COVID-19.  The Working Group is comprised of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees and co-chaired by Chaney and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Todd Lakey.

The Working Group is tasked with reviewing liability issues facing businesses and government entities–including schools.  Many school administrators are hesitant to let kids go back to school without a clearer understanding of the precautions and protocols that they are expected to follow.

On Tuesday, July 28, the working group met via Zoom to gather input from stakeholders and committee members. 

The group is meeting again on July 30 to discuss proposed legislation.  Co-Chair Chaney told the working group that the he hoped to present Governor Little with proposed legislation soon enough that the Governor would have the option to call a special session to adopt the legislation before school started in mid-August. Whether the Governor chooses to do so, Chaney said, is not for the committee or Chairmen to decide; rather, Chaney encouraged to focus on those things within their control such as formulating a proposed bill.

The full video of the July 28 meeting has been linked here:

2020-07-29 (2)

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