Abortion Complications Reporting Act

Following the second day before the committee, Senate State Affairs passed H638, the Abortion Complications Reporting Act to the floor today on a vote of 7-2.  The bill is sponsored by Rep. Greg Chaney and Sen. Fred Martin and brought forward by Idaho Chooses Life.  If passed and signed into law the bill would set up a reporting system for doctors to report health complications arising from abortion.  Rep. Chaney initially presented the bill to the committee on Friday (March 9) but the hearing was continued until Monday (March 12).

Idaho currently has no enforceable requirement that complications be reported, and the scant reporting that does occur is from abortion providers only; this is a challenge since many complications are treated by emergency room doctors or primary care doctors–and not the abortion providers.

Right to Life of Idaho and Family Policy Alliance of Idaho also spoke in support of the bill.  To read more on H638 from Idaho Chooses Life founder, David Ripley, click HERE.

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