Sanctuary City Bill Update

By Rep. Greg Chaney

I’ve spent the last two full weeks reviewing feedback and meeting with concerned parties about H76, the sanctuary city ban bill.  I’ve also spent extensive time reviewing the bases courts have used around the country to invalidate similar police policies to the ones H76 calls for. With the help of this feedback I’ve been exhaustively redrafting portions of the bill and vetting those re-writes through fellow legislators.

Earlier this week I finished a copy of the bill that I believed to be among the most legally sound, comprehensive pieces of legislation on the issue in the country.  I submitted the draft to the House State Affairs Committee and the chairman had initially offered me a print hearing Friday (2/17/2017) morning.

Late in the day Wednesday, however, I was approached with an opportunity to satisfy a few more concerns surrounding unintended consequences of the bill and as a result build a stronger coalition moving forward and improve the bill’s chances of passage.  With a bit more negotiation over language I believe we’ve overcome some of the more significant roadblocks facing the bill.  As often happens in the process, much of what I’ve drafted over the last 12 days will be left on the cutting room floor leaving many of you to wonder, “he took two weeks to do that?” when you see the finished product.  However, we have a strong bill with an improved likelihood of success and I’m excited to move forward on this issue.

Because of the late negotiation on the language of the bill, I asked Chairman Loertscher to remove me from the Friday agenda to give me time to get the revised bill ready for presentation.  It it my hope to have the (real) final version ready and presented early next week.

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