Chaney Presents Bill to Ban Sanctuary Cities in Idaho


Date:  January 30, 2017


CONTACT: Rep. Greg Chaney

(208) 332-1055




(Boise) Representative Greg Chaney (R-Caldwell) introduced a bill today in the House State Affairs Committee aimed at protecting Idaho communities by prohibiting local policymakers and law enforcement from becoming “Sanctuary Cities” or counties.


Chaney pointed out that most immigrants were of the sort he described as some of the “hardest working, most family oriented and God-fearing people” who were “valuable members of the community.” However, Chaney said, not all who enter the country do so with good intentions.  Just how many can’t be measured, he said, without proper enforcement and vetting—matters of federal jurisdiction that cities and counties shouldn’t be trying to block.


The bill would require that law enforcement check for and comply with immigration holds when arresting someone for a violation of Idaho law. The bill would withhold state sales tax distribution funds from cities or counties that make a policy of ignoring or obstructing federal immigration policy.


“Our laws matter, our borders matter, our safety and security matter,” Chaney said.


While there are no jurisdictions currently in Idaho acting as a sanctuary community, Chaney says that recent changes in immigration policy by the Trump Administration may give rise to new attempts by local officials to obstruct immigration efforts.


“The safety of our citizens should not be compromised by political protest,” Chaney told the committee.  He added that while there is always room for disagreement on immigration policy, “compromising public safety isn’t the way to do it.”


The bill would only apply to those individuals otherwise arrested on misdemeanor or felony charges under Idaho law and specifically prohibits local law enforcement from arresting or detaining individuals solely on the basis of immigration status.







3 thoughts on “Chaney Presents Bill to Ban Sanctuary Cities in Idaho

  1. Representative-
    Thank you for your public service.

    Please help me understand why this legislation is needed when we have federal, state, and local laws in place that are expected to be held by all citizens and visitors? I do not understand why it would be important or effective to spend time and money on this. Why not rely on the sound judgement of our police to uphold laws already in place?
    Thank you for your time.
    A concerned, active voter in Idaho.


  2. I agree with your bill to discourage sanctuary cities statewide. Ketchum does not need to be put in a position as Twin Falls was with immigrants that rape and disrupt the balance of a community. Immigrants are given too much – health care, dentistry, free food etc. What about our own citizens???? Thank you, Carol Cline


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