Newsletter 3-14-2016


This week marked significant progress on several fronts for legislation I’ve been personally shepherding through the legislature.  The Community College Bill (H512), the Sexting Bill (H555), the Surviving Spouses of Veteran’s Bill (H385), and the Ag Equipment Tax Bill (H386) all moved forward this week.

The Surviving Spouses of Veteran’s Bill and the Ag Equipment Tax Bill are both headed to Governor Otter’s desk after passing the Senate this week.  Both bills received unanimous support in the Senate and both would go into effect July 1 of this year if signed by the Governor.

The Community College Bill passed unanimously out of Senate State Affairs on Wednesday.  Sen. Bert Brackett (R-Rogerson) is the Senate sponsor of the bill, and both he and I shared presentation duties before the committee.  The bill should be up for a vote early this week in the full Senate.  More on the progress of this bill can be found below.

Finally, the Sexting Bill received a hearing in the Senate Judiciary, Rules, and Administration Committee Friday afternoon.  John Dinger, deputy Ada County prosecuting attorney, testified on behalf of the bill and expressed the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys’ Associations support for the legislation.  After an extensive hearing where the committee thoroughly explored a variety of potential contingencies, the bill was sent the the Senate’s amending order for modifications.  In the coming week, I’ll be working with Senators from the committee to draft amendments to the bill that address their concerns.  If amended and approved, the bill would have to be reconsidered by the House before being sent to the Governor.  With the end of session fast approaching, I’ll be working with great urgency to get everything done before time runs out.

As always, it is my privilege to serve you.  Please take a moment to browse the links below.  Please feel encouraged to reach out to me with questions and comments.



Rep. Greg Chaney


This Week’s Headlines

Sexting Bill Headed for Amendments

H555 is on its way to be amended.  This coming week, Rep. Chaney will work with key Senators to work out language that will clarify certain parts of the bill.  More on Friday’s Senate hearing can be found here.

Community College Bill Advances

H512 passed Senate State Affairs on Wednesday and won’t be voted on by the full Senate until later this week.  Even so, some are viewing the bill’s passage as a foregone conclusion:  Times-News: CSI Considers Options for New Trustee Zones.

Surviving Spouses of Veteran’s License Plate Bill

H385 cleared the Senate this week and is headed to the Governor for his signature.  To read the article that the Idaho Press-Tribune ran on the bill when it was introduced, click here.

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